Consumer Finance

Empower Your Customers To Buy With Consumer Finance

Every thriving business is reliant on its customers to grow. If you want to make sure that your company continues to succeed, you will need to ensure that your customers can keep buying from you. Amoro Capital’s consumer finance program can help. We help businesses like yours to set up credit card and line of credit programs that encourage extra sales and greater revenue.

How It Works

We will work with your team to set up a program to offer credit to your customers. When someone wants to make a purchase, he or she will fill out an application and get an almost immediate approval decision. We offer strong credit limits and consistent approvals. The customer can then use the line of credit to buy from you.

The Benefits

This is a great way to invest in your business’s success. These are some of the advantages:

  • Greater brand awareness
  • Stronger customer loyalty
  • Enhanced customer loyalty
  • Training solutions for your team
  • Debt collection services
  • Fast program setup

It also helps your customers. They will have easier money management and the dependability of secure financial services. Additionally, making payments over time means that their shopping experience can be more convenient.

Get Started

Contact Amoro Capital today to learn more about consumer finance. We look forward to helping you get started.